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What is Wayfarer's Deck?

This series of 50-card decks with encounters, wonders, mysteries, puzzles, and findings provides a convenient way of creating engaging situations for the players. Instead of rolling for random encounters, pick a card (or draw one at random, or roll a d100 and divide the result by two - whatever sounds like fun for you) and let yourself be inspired.

The cards introduce a variety of encounters and don't dictate the solutions. You're never forced to fight whatever you've found, and the player have a full agency to do whatever they wish. There are no stat blocks and no answers to the mysteries - you're free to take the situation wherever the inspiration takes you.

The cards are setting-agnostic and compatible with any fantasy game, solo or in a party play, with or without a game master.

In the bowels of the Earth

You've been following this tunnel for some time - ten minutes, perhaps? It should lead you to the vertical shaft and the lift, your closest way out of this maze-like abandoned mine. Your light source is dimming with each passing minute, and you can feel the pangs of pain in your ankle after your last tumble in the near-absolute darkness. You gather your willpower and take a deep breath, staring at the two identical passages in front of you. The corridor splits here, and you find yourself at the crossroads...

Wayfarer's Deck: Depths of the Earth invites you to venture deep into mines, caves, tunnels, burrows, and dungeons. Discover fabulous treasure, encounter other travelers and suspicious cracks in the ceiling, get uncomfortably lost, find traps (hopefully not too late!), and explore the marvelous and dangerous underworld.


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CategoryPhysical game
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AuthorDouble Proficiency
GenreAdventure, Role Playing
Tagstravel, Tabletop role-playing game


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I have been using this deck in a slightly different manner, where I've shuffled the deck and am just drawing a card every time I'm ready to start a new "chapter" with a new prompt from the cards to write a semi-cohesive story following four (now seven, thanks to one of the prompts) of my characters from an original story setting that I haven't touched in literally years.

I haven't written anything in perhaps 5+ years, maybe even approaching 10, but I have found myself writing 50 pages so far, averaging about 2-3 pages per prompt/card. I've gotten to explore barely fleshed out characters, expand on newly created ones, and actually see my characters in action. Something that online random prompt generators and my own attempts at just writing has never gotten me to do.

I am very happy with these prompts, how well they all fit together, and the agency to take prompts where and how we see fit. Tremendous work on the cards, and I'm so happy that they've helped get me out of my writing funk. Thank you so much!


Is there a back image to use, for printing them?


No included, because we're sorting out print-on-demand versions through DTRPG, but if you want, I can send you the reverse-page file!

Yes. Please. That would be much appreciated! Thank you!


Thanks for your patience, it took a while to get to the bottom of the work queue :)

Here's the link to the back of the card! https://www.dropbox.com/s/8bji6uv3chrymtc/WD_13_DepthsOfTheEarth%20card%20back.p...

Thanks so much!