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Duelist is a combat add-on for tabletop roleplaying games, intended to add depth and variety to a wide range of most popular TTPRG games without replacing their mechanics. Instead, Duelist aims to work with the already existing game systems, to further bring out the fun of combat.

Using Duelist in your games is going to help your fighter characters of all classes and variations express themselves through a combat style, and be more effective against foes at the same time. Duelist isn’t a direct power upgrade for your fighters, however, as the increased effectiveness comes at the cost of potential drawbacks.

To accomplish those goals through the use of a simple system of semi-random selection and multiple convergent stances and attack types. The players can choose theirs at will, while the non-player character opponents choose theirs either through Game Master/Dungeon Master fiat or through a simple semi-random selection method—the decision roll.

What's inside?

  • Tips for mixing Duelist with any RPG combat system
  • Rules for engaging in duels
  • Decision roll: a semi-random algorithm to simulate the opposition's intelligence and tactics
  • New initiative rules
  • Three stances affecting your defense and offense potential
  • Three types of attacks varying the speed and damage
  • Six combat moves introducing offensive and defensive maneuvers
  • Six bonus moves, from taunts to refreshments and dirty tricks!

What's next?

Duelist is the first in the series of system-neutral add-ons by Double Proficiency. Stay tuned for more in the coming months!

CategoryPhysical game
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AuthorDouble Proficiency
GenreRole Playing
Tagsphysical, Singleplayer, Tabletop


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